Program changes by itself. Audio devices change there numbers by themselves. notes often just don't play anything.

casey posted Feb 3 '18, 06:10:

"Boot it, connect a USB MIDI keyboard, and it will work!" No. I've had it work properly maybe 5 minutes out of several hours of trying to use it. I'd love to try out an image from someone who's gotten it to work 100% of the time. I don't anticipate that happening. If you're not well versed in python and midi definitely do not bother.

joseph posted Feb 7 '18, 16:26:

Hehe, the difficult thing is that it has to work on: at least 3 different versions of Pi, on all RaspPi OS version, on all soundcards/DAC, on all USB or MIDI keyboards, with all sample-sets (including those self-made by users). There are 10^100000 possible combinations of all this.

... So if you're in the rare case in which it doesn't work out of the box, please give a few informations about your configuration: which RPI version, which image, which DAC?, which keyboard (USB? MIDI?), where do you put the sample sets (USB stick? external SD card reader? other solution)?

do not bother.

Not really nice ;) Open source and free, ok. But that doesn't mean you can do bashing if it doesn't work out of the box :)

casey posted Feb 7 '18, 23:56:

I shouldn't make posts when i'm upset like that. However I did suspect that i'd be more likely to get a response that way... I'm using a pi3, Amosic midi/usb cable, the image from this site, a first gen axiom 49 m-audio controller, and a Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter. My samples are on a USB-stick. I'm pretty certain my issue is with the midi implementation. When i actually get sound it sounds great. I also figured out that the correct audio device is loaded everytime if I let the software auto-load, however if I have to or want to manually load it the device # is different everytime... shouldn't be an issue if I can get everything else configured properly. The biggest problem is that the program randomly changes without any input, and that sometimes keys don't play or they play the wrong sample. Sometimes loops lock in and keep going, sometimes they dont. I'd also like it to only receive midi on channel 14. If you are familiar with any of these problems and can help i would be very happy.

Rajiv Deo posted Feb 8 '18, 17:00:

How are you powering your Pi3? Get a stable power supply and retry.

Casey P. posted Feb 12 '18, 17:43:

Thanks for your response Rajiv. I'm powering it with what I'm pretty sure is a stable power-supply. I base that on the fact that i've never gotten any low-power symbol in the corner of the screen when I use it on any of my pis. If I could just get the keys to play everytime they're pressed, and have them play the correct sample everytime i'd be happy. A huge bonus would be to get the loops to either lock in or not lock in everytime, I can work with either I just need consistency to really get this into my music-making kit. Any other suggestions you have would be appreciated.


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