Clicking sound when controller keyes are pressed.

casey posted Mar 8 '18, 04:34:

I'm using a Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for my audio. Sometimes I can hear a pretty noticeable click when any keys are pressed on my controller. Even when I turn the audio all the way down for the output the click is still audible. Anyone else experience this? I'm so close to having my set-up perfected and this is the last little kink i'm trying to work out. I'm using a raspberry pi 3, Alex's build, my midi controller is connecter to the midi-in on Behringer UMC204HD, The sampler box is connected to the midi-out on the behringer with a Amosic MIDI Cable USB In-Out Interface Converter. The Behringer's USB port is connected to another raspberry Pi running Seq24, and that raspberry pi is connected to my microkorg using another Amosic MIDI Cable USB In-Out Interface Converter. Sometimes I can't really hear the clicks, sometimes they're so noticeable It's not fun to play. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

casey posted Mar 11 '18, 03:06:

Seems to happen everytime a note-on note-off message is received.

casey posted Mar 11 '18, 03:13:

Caused by routing the audio through the microkorg. going directly to mixer or speakers and no click.


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