Control the samplerbox with midicontrols and keyboard screen.

Cyril posted Mar 25 '18, 17:36:

Hi all,

I am wondering if it could be possible to control the samplerbox directly with the Keyboard screen and buttons.

I own a Kawai CL35 that has a slider for volume and a lcd screen to choose a preset (and also a metronome a=but it is not relevant here).

How could I manage to use this screen and buttons and slider to control the samplerbox instead of using an additionnal LDC+buttons ?


Dario posted Apr 4 '18, 20:59:

I've been trying to figure this out for a Launchkey MKII...wih no success so far

Francesco posted Apr 5 '18, 15:06:

With my MIDI Keyboard (Classic Cantabile) it works: I can change the program (so the samples) with a knob on the keyboard, and the LDC shows me the sample number selected. I just had to change the MIDI channel used by the knob, using the same used by the keyboard, and assign to the knob on the keyboard the function to chang the program.



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