Map Samples Across Pads

A.H. posted Sep 11 '18, 21:24:

Sampler Box looks so rad, it is new to me. Thanks to the developers for sharing its recipe and thanks to the forum for the exchange. I am excited to start working on one!

My question is likely already populated here but I can't find the answer. Sorry if this is user maker here.

Question: when using Sampler Box is it possible to assign different saved samples to a range of pads on my midi device?

Many thanks in advance for any info you might share.

Jin posted Dec 30 '18, 14:59:

Hi, I'm currently searching for such a functionnality for my pads. Quite hard to find.
I ended up selecting 2 software : drumkv1 (working) and fabla2 (midi mapping still in development), but these 2 software need jack support to work. This means that you won't be able to do it before jack support is integrated to samplerbox (an issue is opened for that on github).

Maybe vanilla sampler box software include that functionnality but I doubt.

Jin posted Dec 30 '18, 15:03:

My answer was innacurate.
Your solution is here

HansEhv posted Jan 4 '19, 23:22:

Whatever fork you use: assign sending note-on/off to your pads.
If you want to play samples full length (=ignore note-off which is necessary for drumpads) then follow link Jin posted or


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