For gigging musicians: Connecting the usb audio out to a mixer on stage

Sam posted May 2 '18, 03:37:

Normally most of our equipment on stage uses balanced XLR's from the line out portion directly into the mixing console. Since this is an unbalanced line and the impedance is different,If converted to an XLR or 1/4 mono (one side only, not worrying about stereo at this point) would it harm a mixing console? No phantom power is being used either. I haven't built my samplerbox yet but didn't know if there is anything I need to be keeping my eye on in that aspect. How does everyone gig with theirs? I know there exists the HiFiBerry and even possibly use a direct box. Thanks for your time.

Nicholas posted May 31 '18, 23:44:

Use a stereo (two mono) DI box.. they convert line level unbalanced to balanced.


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