Midi speed Problem with RASPI 3

Alex posted Jun 12 '18, 15:29:

Hi to you all and thanks for your help.
I'm trying to use a RASPI3 and I found a source of
the problem by running the litle code in the "The definitive guide to MIDI IN with Raspberry Pi's GPIO".
When I run it, I get no NOTE OFF, and found the the RASPI is constantly receiving messages (255).
I guess it's a Baud speed problem, or UART configuration for RASPI 3 that I missed ?
Help please

Stef posted Dec 14 '18, 00:04:

I'm using a Pi 1 B with USB MIDI and I also get hanging notes from time to time (suggesting that Note Off messages are not received consistently).
I'm not sure if it's a baud rate issue though, as missing Note Off messages are more frequent than missing Note On messages.
Maybe there's a way to debug this over a telnet session?

HansEhv posted Dec 16 '18, 03:44:

A Pi1 is too slow for real time audio. Period.


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