Shutdown signal

Andres Politi posted Jul 13 '18, 15:34:

Hello, I use samplerbox in a raspberry without Screen or keyboard. I'm a python developer but I have no experience with midi signals. If I want to make to shutdown the raspberry when certain midi message is received, where would be the correct place in the code to do this?

Luke C posted Jul 14 '18, 18:26:

Instead of using the midi input, I would add a button to the GPIO pin of the raspberry pi that triggers a shutdown command.

HansEhv posted Jul 17 '18, 00:13:

In normal operation you can just unplug the box as all file systems are mounted read-only.

Andres Politi posted Jul 17 '18, 14:59:

HansEhv is this the default for Raspbian, or for the SamplerBox iso image?

HansEhv posted Jul 17 '18, 16:04:

Hi Andres,
This is specifically Samplerbox.
This makes it usable as blackbox on stage at the cost of loosing logging and all other things that are crucial for normal OS usage.


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