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HansEhv posted Jul 17 '18, 00:28:

Hi All,
As a follow up on :
I'm proud to announce a new release (Sbox20180716) of this fork based on the mainstream of this website (thanks Joseph) - to avoid confusion: the streams are not interchangeable.
It contains numerous new features and enhancements compared with last post (you may need that to get the full picture), most important being:

  • Support for filters, starting with the famous freeverb
  • GUI, via wired network as well via WiFi with the box acting as stand-alone access point
  • monophonic mode, more useful then it seems :-)
  • gain adjustable on sample level
  • support for embedded release samples (GrandOrgue method) like for church organs, harpsichord etc.
    Warning: default midi channel changed from 11 to 1.
    You may need to refresh the doc pages on to see the latest info.
    But most of all: let it inspire you and share your enhancements too.
    Have fun, Hans
AlexM posted Jul 27 '18, 13:46:

As usual, love your work Hans! I look forward to having a play when I get the chance :)

HansEhv posted Jul 27 '18, 22:04:

Thanks mate, good to see you're still around!

JoshM posted Jul 27 '18, 22:55:

Hans, I am new to the Samplerbox project and have been using your new release for about a week. It really is fantastic! The web GUI is genius! Just wanted to say - Thanks!

trus posted Jul 28 '18, 03:46:

Hello Hans, the image is not available for downloading directly from your website, it seems like I don't have permissions to download it. Is there any chance to get the last version?

HansEhv posted Jul 28 '18, 21:45:

Hi Josh, thanks for your kind feedback & enjoy

Hi Trus, just click on the link "download the latest version" on the build page and you will be directed to where you find several versions and some intermediate stuff (just ignore those). At this moment the latest is
I assume you clicked on the "exchange tab" as that is the only tab needing permissions; however you don't need that unless you need to send files directly to me.

HansEhv posted Jul 28 '18, 22:33:

Hi Josh, just saw what you possibly encountered: on the page with the different versions you have to right click and choose download / save as. Just clicking on doesn't work, it's a default server generated directory index.

HansEhv posted Jul 28 '18, 22:35:

My humble apologies, ofcourse I meant "Hi Trus". Speed kills :-)

trus posted Jul 29 '18, 23:06:

Hi Hans! Thanks for answering so quick. I tried already to "save as" and chrome returned a Failed-Forbidden message, so I assume you should change a security setting on your server. Older versions are accessible for download.
thanks a lot!

HansEhv posted Jul 29 '18, 23:38:

Hi Trus,
You're right (other ftp client having other defaults; smack on the forehead..).
It should be working now, thanks for your feedback!

trus posted Jul 31 '18, 00:11:

working now! thanks Hans!
BTW, do you think I might be able to add a 7 segment digit display as per the first version of SamplerBox? I already have the screen and would like to keep using it.
thanks! and congratulations for the work done :)

HansEhv posted Jul 31 '18, 23:29:

Well Trus, that's not just a configuration option as I've removed the logic for that when I started the fork.
Ofcourse you can also copy the 7 segment logic from Joseph's version back and adapt the display statements. But I'm still working on new versions, so it's decision time :-)

HansEhv posted Aug 6 '18, 01:34:

Future versions will contain the I2C 7-segment display logic.

dario posted Aug 23 '18, 03:26:

As a total ignorant, I have a question: Right now I'm running Samplerbox with just the Pi and a USB DAC. What do I need to add to take advantage of all the neat stuff this fork adds? or is this just for the samplerbox hardware? or can I just install it on what I use now? Sorry, I'm quite ignorant about this stuff :) ...on a separate note: is there anyway of being notified if somebody answers my post in this forum?

HansEhv posted Sep 1 '18, 01:41:

Just read the docs on ...
...and next to getting answers to your questions, you won't even be totally ignorant anymore..

HansEhv posted Sep 1 '18, 01:43:

Basically you don't need to add anything. Just adapt the config correctly.

dario posted Sep 18 '18, 01:03:

thanks, I'll try to find time to study that, although every time I try to look up some PI related stuff I feel there's something I should already know (and don't) to understand . I'm usually pretty good at going FWD anyway and figuting it out, but lately with 2 jobs, 2 kids and the like I'm not as resourceful as I used to :)


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