Problems with Raspberry Pi 3 B

Javi posted Jul 20 '18, 20:13:


I really need help...

I've got a Rapsberry pi 3 model B 1.2 and when i follow instructions here ( ) everything works as expected ( i install the image, connect a usb-sd card to the usb port with patches, connect a midi keyboard and voilà : sound! ).

But as i want in the future the lcd screen and more buttons and etc.. when I follow the steps here ( ) nothing works. I've carefully follow the instructions, downoaded the image, burned with etcher, connect a usb stick ( not a sd card etc.. ) with patches ready on the proper /media/ folder but nothing works...

Could someone help me? I should download another Image from another place?

( I tried the solution pointed here with no luck... )



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