Very strange Midi Note issue

Max posted Jul 24 '18, 01:26:

Hi everyone
I have a very strange issue, mainly with my controller, but samplerbox is involved

I have a novation SLMKII wich i use to control my samplerbox. I've set a template in wich some switches send note on/off message to trigger samples in the samplerbox, over USB.
It worked fine, until today.

Now, the SLMKII sends the notes one octave higher. It's set and displays to send C-2, and sends C-1 (checked in Midi Ox).
I've spent the evening chatting with Novation support, they have never encountered such errors. We've tried basic and advanced workaround (firmware update/reset, tweaking the template etc...), but none worked.
First, i tought i could solve this by changing the names of my samples.
If the sample meant to be played when receiving C-2 is named 0, and the samplerbox receives C-1, i just have to rename the sample 12, right ?

If this was simple as this, it would not be fun.
I have no idea how i can fix it, and i have to fix it soon, i have a gig in two weeks, and a rehearsal before. And not much money to buy a crappy LPD8 to replace my samplerbox.

If anyone of you midi experts have any idea on how to fix this, even a mc gyver way, i would be grateful.

HansEhv posted Jul 24 '18, 13:57:

Hi Max,
It can be as simple as you say: rename 12 notes higher.
Alternative is changing the actuallyload proc in the script to change the translation (a kind of retuning /transposing)
If you need guidance for that, let me know. Currently not near my PC, so can't detail on it now.

HansEhv posted Jul 24 '18, 14:03:

And if you're not using the basic build, but Alex's or mine, you can use the %%transpose keyword to shift 12 notes.

Max posted Jul 24 '18, 19:41:

I use your build, and of course i tried to rename the files, without success.

My setup is :
Novation SlMkII> Samplerbox > focusrite scarlet (as a dac for samplerbox)

The odd thing is that even if my keyboard sends note 12 and my file name is 12, nothing happens.
This setup used to work for 2 years.
And, i'm a total noob as far as command lines is concerned, and programmnig too.
The only thing i can do is type command lines i don't understand, and get results i don't either.

Is there a way to monitor the midi in in samplerbox ?

HansEhv posted Jul 24 '18, 21:29:

Hi Max,
Yes there is, but this requires a bit of changing program code and command line usage :-)
However coincidence....
A couple of days ago I noticed my script does not work correct anymore in sample sets without definition.txt. I haven't found out yet what is causing that or since when this bug is in the script.
A few questions:
Do you use definition.txt?
Did you reinstall the image lately and did problems started then?
Would you like to answer on my site ( ) via subtab "Mail to Hans" on the feedback tab.
This will enable starting direct mail communication so that I might be able to help you better.

HansEhv posted Jul 25 '18, 00:17:

Workaround is creating a definition.txt with one line: "%midinote.wav".
Bugfix on
Note: this bug+fix relates to my build only, don't mixup forks.


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