Last image for Rpi 3B+

trus posted Jul 24 '18, 01:37:

Hello, is there anyone who could kindly upload a full version for Rpi 3B+?
I tried to build last image available in GitHub with no luck...
thanks a lot!

AlexM posted Jul 27 '18, 13:44:

It seems there are a few having trouble with their RPi 3B+. Does anyone know what key differences there are between 3 and 3B+ that may be making the current images incompatible?

Unfortunately I don't have a 3B+ to try for myself just yet.

HansEhv posted Sep 18 '18, 23:17:

Hi Alex and others,
Architecture changed, so you need other hardware drivers which aren't in Jessie. Changing the start.elf can make it start (however I didn't succeed), but it will not make the wifi work I'm afraid.
Stretch supports PI, but this requires a new look at the generation script (plain upgrading will reinstall the default unnecessary stuff, so you end up with huge latency - I tried....). That's your & Josephs speciality :-)

So I reverted to just upgrade the dedicated RPI stuff and wifi drivers. Current root partition is too small, but if you increase from the 1.2G to 1.6G it works and still fits on a 2G SD, even leaving space for a tiny samples partition if needed.

Please find below the instructions I used for the DIY guys (you're on your own here). Obviously my next alternative/extended image release will support 3B+ amongst other snacks..

fdisk /dev/mmcblk0 - delete and define root partition again with 1.6G on same start address (keeps contents)

  • reboot

date <mmddhhmmyy>

mount -o remount,rw /

resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p2

apt-get update

mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /boot

apt-get install rpi-update

rpi-update ef7621d91cb58ccc856c3c17ddda28685edd23f3


dpkg -i firmware-brcm80211_20161130-3+rpt3_all.deb

apt-get clean

apt-get autoremove

rm firmware-brcm80211_20161130-3+rpt3_all.deb

HansEhv posted Sep 19 '18, 00:20:

addendum: "Stretch supports PI" should read as "...PI3B+"

Jerome hess posted Sep 27 '18, 12:05:

Hans, I'm new here so I apologize for sounding naive, but if I can repeat back what you said

Right now the 3b+ is still undergoing some challenges, but you would like to see it work and as this is a volunteer effort, your working as you can. however today you can use the __ as the most current model supported by the image available for download.

That being said 2 questions.

1 is the image available that you refer to the one from or is it hosted elsewhere?

  1. What model fills in the blank?

I reAlly appreciate the work you guys are doing, I contributed to the 07 release of Mandriva only to watch them drive it into a wAll. But when it worked it w a s awesome.

Thanks again


HansEhv posted Sep 27 '18, 22:01:

Hi Jerome,
Not sure what you actually want to know, so I'll give some answers hoping the right one is among them.

I develop one of the three versions you see mentioned on this forum: the "alternative/extended version". More info via

Basically both Alex's and my version are based on the original one from Joseph on So you can use the steps above on all of them, however on Alex's version you also will have to move the samples partition. All three versions run on PI2 and PI3B and maybe more. Pi-1 worked, but does not perform.
You can find info on Alex's version on

In short: I've taken Joseph's image (on this site) and adapted it for some extra features. I started of with a PI2B (hw revision a01041) and continued PI3B (hw revision a02082) for performance sake and the WiFi.
Next I bought a 3B+ (hw revision a020d3) plus HiFiBerry in order to make a "on stage version". That's where the existing images stopped working, as Debian 8 (Jessie) does not support the +. Above partly upgrade works OK as far as I can judge now. Next week the new device will be part of rehearsals, so I'll see what happens then. The upgrade version also works on the "old" 3B; I did not check the 2B anymore.

Joseph and Alex maintain the script to build a correctly stripped down debian image from scratch instead of performing limited upgrades like I did now. If they want to make that for Debian 9 (stretch), I will gladly use that to replace my bypass.

My intention is to release my alternative 3B+ image later, but am still working on other improvements (and docs should be updated I'm afraid....<grmbl grmbl>....).

Jerome hess posted Sep 27 '18, 23:42:


Actually you did thank you very much.

Now I to have the itinerary day +

And a bunch of different rabbis

Most are 3s of one sorry or another, so I that's probably what ill start with.

Question. I know why I bought the itinerary, it and 4 other sound hats, but I'd be curious as to to why you did. Specs wise it's easiest to deal with. Or so it seemed.

I ordered the rest of my parts, they should be in this next few weeks.
I've got the sampler first, then I found the seafront feather this afternoon, that's a huge project, as it appears to have the heart of a dx7, a cz1, devastation or a k5m available to it.

Parts cost w 1 heart is about $200. I'd like to build a single unit w 3+ sampler, and they also seem to have developed a really good 808 clone.

But it all starts here

Thanks for your hard work

Jerome hess posted Sep 27 '18, 23:45:

I hate autocorrect

How could I ever feed 3 rabbis

That's 3 raspberry pis


Jerome hess posted Sep 27 '18, 23:47:

Wow I asked about why you chose the hifiberry not my itinerary.......oy. shoot me

HansEhv posted Sep 29 '18, 00:00:

Hi Jerome,
Three reasons for choosing HiFiBerry:
-The HiFiBerry has very good sound quality (I use it on another PI for my home audio system).

  • It's a builtin card (hat) that fits into a ready made metal case, so: you don't have a fragile external plastic usb adapter and you can step on the box itself without serious consequence.
  • RCA plugs are much more reliable than 3.5 mm (1/8") jacks, so I just need a small adapter cable to XLR or 6.3 mm (1/4") jack to make this part also stage proof.
Jerome hess posted Sep 29 '18, 15:57:

Hans. Thanks for that info on y you went w the hifiberry.

I'm in total agreement on the orca issues, plus the connection to the pic is something I was wondering about.

But for cost I can see why the other was chosen. I have already ordered the one, so I guess I will order another hifiberry and whichever come first is what ill be using



Björn posted Oct 14 '18, 19:08:

Is there an actual working version for the RPI3B+? I have searched high and low for an image that's working but no luck. Samplerbox is soooo great I really love to see it work with this version of raspberry.

HansEhv posted Oct 15 '18, 22:28:

I intend to release one later this year (I want to finish some extra's first).
It's the alternative/extended version (, so it may not be what you're looking for... up to you to make a choice :-)
In post above (Sep 18, 23:17) I describe how you can upgrade an existing image yourself.
I've posted that after trying it :-) ... and can confirm it still works.

Björn Lohmander posted Oct 16 '18, 12:11:

@HansEhv I'm really looking forward to it!

Ugnius posted Nov 17 '18, 16:02:

@HansEhv I was trying to follow the upgrade instructions, but I failed at the apt-get update step. Looks like there is no access to the internet (either cable or WiFi) when running SamplerBox on RPI3B+. Are these instruction meant to be executed on an older Raspberry Pi to upgrade the SD card so that it can be used on the latest one?

HansEhv posted Nov 17 '18, 18:23:

Hello Ugnius,
Actually my PI3B+ didn't start at all, so indeed I've done everything from a PI3 (it should work on lower as well, but they were occupied..).
But I've you've got it working so far, then it's worthwhile to check whether it's present in your network (you can also issue an ifconfig command to see if's got an IP-address).
If so, then you may need to adapt the /etc/resolv.conf to point to your DNS resolver (usually your internet modem/router).
If you can't get it working (no older PI and above doesn't work), then lease be patient as I'm going release a new image fit for 3B+ before end-of year (if all goes well, in a week or 2...).

Janne posted Dec 30 '18, 22:13:


I'm new to this, and I just download the image today and tried it with my 3B+. Unfortunately it doesn't work. So I suspect there are still issues with B+ models then?

HansEhv posted Dec 30 '18, 22:45:

Hi Janne,
There are more images around here, don't know what you've downloaded. My (3B+ working) version is an alternative/extended fork (, so not the original one found on this site.
Some minor errors in it (fixes are on GitHub) which do not prevent it from starting.
Up to you whether you want to use that, but if you do: please take note of the configuration paragraph on the build page because incorrect config can be blocking.

Janne posted Dec 31 '18, 15:12:

Thanks for your reply, Hans.
This post was the first I found about getting Samplerbox to work on Pi 3B+, but now that I've searched a bit more I noticed another post about just swapping out the start.elf file, which I did, and got it working.

jerome posted Jan 12 '19, 04:21:


I hope youre still plugged in, we lost a few folks this fall at the hospital, and added a few new Physician applocations, so time is pretty tight most days but the next few week look ok, so I want to start w/ my samplerbox. because following i have a feather/duuino synth and a zynthian in the wings.

I bought all the parts I need for yje original build concept as shown here:

But so far I think yyours is the version I like best, so i gathered all my parts, I sit down and.....seems as though I have a lot more stuff than i need, or am i missing soimething?

for example following some conversatuioins immediately following my discovery of this project I went out and bought another hifiberry but looking at your drawings and pix here:

Im not seeing it

i clearly see a usb sound module that looks like maybe it feeds into your laptop fpr recording, but noty sure.

so im starting to come to the conclusion that we should be building tyhe "original HW" and THEN modify as some of your screens suggest?

appreciate all inpuit. thanks


HansEhv posted Jan 13 '19, 19:35:

Hi Jerome,
I didn't describe the HiFiberry one as detailed as I did the first (the "trial box", but it is there. The trial box is also still there, don't let it confuse you.
Right upper corner shows result.
Further down on the right, under alternatives, there is the open case with HiFiberry and LEDs loosely connected. Under that picture the pinouts used by Berry and some standard things. This way you can decide which ones to use for extra's like display and buttons. The csv files give the opportunity to map the pins without having to change the script.
Just work your way through the site :-)

Jonathan posted Apr 30 '21, 15:40:

hello , is there a step by step video on how to set up a basic samplerbox system. I'm new to this and have hot a couple of snags. Thanks

Jonathan posted Apr 30 '21, 15:42:

I have Raspberry Pi 3B+ but everyime I try to drop the file into the disk it says not enough space. Not sure how to fix this, it's a 32 GB sd card.


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