Did I remember reading that right? (Connection question)

Jerome Hess posted Oct 14 '18, 02:32:

I'm just starting to build my first box but I am SO inspired by this project.

I was reading something the other day about connection s. And now I'm not sure I remember correctly. But it sounded like when finished I should be able to hook up either my Roland d5 midi to midi, OR use my my akai mini which has no midi out, but instead connects to my PC via USB?

Am I misremembering?


HansEhv posted Oct 15 '18, 23:16:

Hi Jerome,
Depends on the version you're using: rtmidi supports a single channel and rtmidi2 supports multiple channels. Alex's and my version use rtmidi2 and Joseph's version (original one, this site) uses rtmidi.
If you're not sure, look for "rtmidi"; the import statement will tell you.
How the midi gets in is a don't care, be it that currently only Alex's version is the only one that contains a tested way of dealing with "running midi status" on the serial midi input (5-pole din). Whether that's important depends on your controller=keyboard.
The USB input works via the standard pi drivers and is always correct.

Jerome hess posted Oct 16 '18, 01:03:

Wow great info.

Sounds like I may need both images to play with to determine which works better for me. Everything I c currently run is all midi 5 pin

But looking around Sam ash the other day it was hard to find an under $500 controller that had 5 pin.

Can I bother you for a link? Now that I have a specific difference that m as otters to me it will be easier to save and track. Thanks

HansEhv posted Oct 20 '18, 23:33:
Jerome hess posted Oct 24 '18, 03:42:


Thank you so much for those links.

I don't know what the deal is I just have this block when it comes to gothic, so many folks navigate it so effortlessly. Me, I get lost after step 2

Have a tool in the office the same WYoming. Msft sharepoint everyone is supposed to use it the same way, but no one does, so I spend my day floundering



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