Can it play as a keyboard and drum machine using seperate midi channels?

Martyn posted Aug 15 '18, 17:44:

I'd like to ask if it is possible to play as a keyboard and drum machine simultaneously using seperate midi channels? (Eg midi ch1 as piano AND midi ch10 as drum machine)

HansEhv posted Aug 18 '18, 02:47:

Potentially it can, splitting voices over midi channels. It's on my wishlist for supporting accordion, Church organs etc. If you have a nice suggestion :shoot.
Otherwise be patient :-)

Martyn posted Aug 18 '18, 12:10:

Thanks for the reply, that's great to hear and I look forward to it's implementation = ) My wish was for it to be a standalone little all in one midi machine. So on a DAW it could play, say midi channel one for piano, and at the same time play midi channel 10 for some drums. Or even better still, additional midi channels for other instrument sound banks. Anyway, awesome job mate!


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