USB STICK (with samples) not recognized by the RPI SAMPLERBOX

Juan Manuel posted Aug 14 '15, 02:35:

I used a 1-GB-USB STICK with a sound and my SamplerBox (which is only the RPI and a SoundCard) worked perfect.
Then I wanted to have a better sound or more sounds so I switched to a 8 GB USB Stick. I copied the 4 instruments that are in the samplerbox website into my 8 GB USB Stick. The problem is that my RPI or SamplerBox doesn't make any sound when I use this USB Stick and I don't know why. Can you help me please?

Netanel posted Aug 22 '15, 11:52:

Sometimes, a usb stick might be too corrupt (maybe from pulling and inserting it into linux machines without ejecting it properly first), or perhaps now that you are using a stick with larger storage, you've entered instruments in directories that weren't properly named/encoded. try the same instruments with the previous usb stick, and if that works - get a new usb stick.

woz posted Dec 21 '15, 00:27:

the PI is more finicky about sub-par sd cards and usb sticks I've noticed. when I use a cheap or old one I have a lot of random problems. with a newer/faster one, rock solid.

Ptitleon posted Dec 22 '15, 21:06:

Ohhh thanks a lot Woz !! i bagan to turn crazy (with an old Usb stick support for samples...) with a new one it works fine :-)


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