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ayskura posted Oct 14 '18, 13:01:

what could I modify in the code to have a sample to loop when I press a key and keep looping until I press again the same key?

that would be rather awesome!

HansEhv posted Oct 15 '18, 23:00:

Hi Ayskura,
That's a bit complex. The waveread procedure/class needs to be adapted and several tests spread over the code need to be made.
I've made it (https://github.com/hansehv/SamplerBox/) and Alex obviously liked it (https://github.com/alexmacrae/SamplerBox).
In both versions it's the Loo2 mode.

Ayskura posted Oct 17 '18, 20:34:

And how do I implement loo2 ? Would it be ok to specify in some keys in te definition.txt or would it be a global setting? Ideally it would be good to have it per key as for example you can have an octave only with loops leaving the rest of keyboard open for traditional instruments

HansEhv posted Oct 18 '18, 01:37:

Hi Ayskura,
If you use Alex's or my image/fork it's in the definition.txt.
Don't know exactly how far Alex followed, but in my version you can specify per key.
Alex's version is more user friendly at the moment (but I'm working on it :-))
Please consult the docs / fork.
Alex: https://samplerbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
Mine: http://homspace.xs4all.nl/homspace/samplerbox/

Vegan Pete posted Nov 27 '18, 08:34:

Or build a simple Midi controller that has physical toggle buttons - press once to play, press again to stop play. There a tutorials out there to use a £2 arduino computer and up to 4 computer keyboards as inputs for a budget midi controller. Just solder an array of toggleswitches/buttons to it, instead of using the keyboard's keys. You could get creative with LED backlit switches and make a full-on sampler with litterally hundreds of trigger switches - then connect it to your Raspberyy Pi samplebox as it's host sample bank ;)


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