WOW What an AMAZING project!

Jerome posted Sep 25 '18, 15:04:

I found this purely by chance, while searching for a synth "diy". Although I knew that the RASPI had the potential to do big stuff, the originator of this project deserves all the Kudos folks can give him,

Now as I scroll through(as a complete samplerbox newbie) there are 2 things I see.

1) The initial development was on the RASPI 2
2) there is a MUCH bigger difference between V2 and V3b+

So as I have been working my way through the posts, but not all of them, I'd like to ask a "general consensus" question:

"Should I start with a V2, build the box get it working and go from there, or is there a set of step by step "How To's" for one of the V3's that someone could direct me to?

Although I am not new to Linux or DIY (my 1st install came on 27 floppies) I have found that sometimes it is best to start something new on a premise where "everything works" and then branch off from there.

Any and all info is greatly appreciated. this is a VERY exciting project.

Thanks to the Original DEV and any and all that can help me out.


jerome posted Sep 26 '18, 03:24:

ok, i am really excited about this project.

I orderered the parts and over the next 3 weeks should be here.

when i downloaded the image .zip however t suggested that it would run on a RASPI3?

so this should be interesting if nothing else



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