HIFI-AMP doesn't work with SamplerBox-Image

Arthur posted Dec 8 '21, 14:12:


After I have connected the HIFI-AMP to my RaspPi (3b+ and 4), adjusted the config file "/boot/config.txt" with "dtoverlay = hifiberry-amp" and restarted, the HIFI-AMP is unfortunately not recognized. I checked it with "aplay -l"

If I install Debian manually and adjust the "/boot/config.txt" in the same way, the HIFI-AMP will be correctly recognized and work!

I even then installed the SamplerBox manually and I can then hear it well on the HIFI AMP. I've also tried it with other images and with both Pi3b + and Pi4 to no success.

But I would like to get the SamplerBox-Image to work, because I would prefer to save all the other settings (mount SD-Card for Samples, enable SSH-Access, set readOnly-Mode, SamplerBox automatic Start etc.)

Can you please tell me what exactly was changed in Debian on the last SamplerBox Image?
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