Polyphonic aftertouch

Harry posted Oct 4 '18, 16:46:

Hi, does the SamplerBox respond to polyphonic aftertouch? Regards!

HansEhv posted Oct 5 '18, 02:55:

What do you expect from it, its just a trigger.

HansEhv posted Oct 6 '18, 02:38:

Hi Harry, this was too short: I meant to ask: what effect do you need to control with aftertouch.

Vegan Pete posted Nov 27 '18, 08:46:

You can create loop points on all of the .wav samples - so a dirty workaround would be to record the samples with the desired aftertouch in a DAW. Then on the samplebox, while a key is held, it will play the start of the sample and then loop the midsection continuously, when the key is released, the loop will end and it will play the tail end of the sample with the aftertouch which you performed and recorded your DAW (when you created the sample). This would mean that you would always have aftertouch (unless you cot creative with your samples and your MIDI controller - by switching between two sets of samples, one with aftertouch and one without).

HansEhv posted Nov 27 '18, 22:33:

Hello Pete,
I think you describe release here, not aftertouch.

As for release processing: samplerbox will not play the remainder of the sample after the loop, but fades out.
Please note that the original samplerbox only has fixed length generated release = fixed fadeout.

Aftertouch messages are generated by changing the pressure on the key while holding it (so during the loop) and can be used for change of volume, pitch, effects level and so on.
It requires a keyboard supporting this ($$) as well as quite some processing on the PI as it generates a lot of control messages.
Erik filters it out on his fork (samplerbox2) because of the CPU drain.
Hence my initial question: what should it be used for?
Mod wheel, continuous foot controller, volume bar or others might solve the requirement too, but don't cause a continuous stream of control message to be checked for each note played.
Basically however, it is easy to implement as it is just another control message.

HansEhv posted Nov 27 '18, 22:43:

The spam filter filtered a link in my answer at the release remark. It pointed to my fork where the fadeout can be configured and also release samples can be played (the GrandOrgue method = play the sample from a normal marker after the loop).
I'm about to release a next version that will contain a backtrack feature, which functions like what you describe and can be initiated via the keys as well as control messages (so the knobs/buttons can also be used, keeping the keyboard free).

So yes, various options here...

HansEhv posted Nov 28 '18, 11:22:

Addendum: My remark "easy to implement" refers to channel aftertouch, not the polyphonic aftertouch. That will be complex as well as a far more effective CPU drainer.


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