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Toby posted Dec 31 '18, 02:48:


I was hoping that there would be a way that I can use SamplerBox with no display. I currently have it plugged into my tv, however I can't take my tv to shows. Is this possible?

Also I've read a lot on this forum, and other online sources that say I need to edit the file if I want to use cc messages to advance through the program settings (my midi keyboard, nanokey2, doesn't have program - / + buttons), however I can't find that file any where...

I'm relatively new to this, any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

loopzzz posted Jan 4 '19, 08:40:

Hello Toby

if you have a little programming experience you could easily capture the inputs from the midi device and adapt the code to change the sample packs. i did that so my mpk mini first knob will change the sample packs.

still it would be nice to have a little GUI so that we know when a pack is finished loading.

Toby posted Jan 21 '19, 21:49:


Thanks for getting back to me! I've just bought a 3.5" "mount on the top of your pi" sorta set up for the screen issue I was having. Anyone know of a good place to start with making a GUI for the samplerbox? I have little-to-some programming experience, but I'm willing to learn by doing!!

Thanks for your help :-)

Dario posted Jan 25 '19, 16:04:

I used it with no display. In the past, but if you don’t have something that sends program change data that’s not happening. It still works, but only with one instrument

Thomas posted Feb 4 '19, 18:21:


Comment invoquer le navigateur en local pour afficher le webgui.

Pour le moment seul la console est utilisée.

J'aimerai aussi comprendre pourquoi le clavier est en US je souhaiterais en FR



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