Janne posted Jan 5 '19, 19:02:

I've installed the samplerbox software manually, and it's working fine. I'm also able to change sample sets by using the program change button on my keyboard. However, I also have another keyboard that doesn't have buttons, so I'd like to use the GPIO pins to change the sets. When I'm running samplerbox.py I can see the program change messages when I'm using the first keyboard, but when grounding GPIO pin 18 I don't get anything. I've also tried grounding pin 17, but that didn't give any result either. When I'm grounding the pin I'm just connecting a jumper cable between the GPIO pin and one of the GND pins. Wouldn't that simulate a button being pressed? How can I catch the button pressing event by just connecting jumper cables?

HansEhv posted Jan 5 '19, 22:43:

Hi Janne,
Your way of working is correct.
On top of the program is statement "USE_BUTTONS = False".
This has be "USE_BUTTONS = True" for the button logic to work.


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