Larger Screen Question

jerome posted Jan 13 '19, 04:08:


The build is about 1/2 done, Im deliberately going very slowly for a few different reasonds, the biggest being that although I could get my pilots license being color blind, but electronics have always been a HUGE challenge for me.

So while im wiring then taking a break and laying wre and taking a break then w...well you get the point,

i remember before Christmas some on one of the forums mentioned that he had used a much larger screen, but couldnt get it to auto rotate, that I get!

However I recently had a question/thought about that, that probably could be addressed by anyone who has beeten the tar out of this build so far....

Could you or Did you run an HDMI cable out to the unit?

or did you go through a controller and hardwire it?

I can see the advantages of the hardwire, but i can also see the advantage of being able to just get it up and running!

ideas are always appreciated

jerome posted Jan 13 '19, 04:18:

surry about the triplicate if the mod can kill the other 2 id be grateful

HansEhv posted Jan 15 '19, 00:11:

Connect the cable before power on and you have the console on the HDMI screen and the sound on audio device 0.
Without HDMI cable, sound device 0 is the mini jack.


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