Just finished stage 1

jerome posted Jan 19 '19, 20:35:

Team OK, just finished stage 1. You know the very 1st version of all your "assembled" hardware and installed software etc. and naturally have a TON of questions. So anyone wishing to help w/ input it would be greatlt appreciated AND, as a Prof Tech Writer, I will be developing some step by step documentation for anyone that wants to use it:

WHAT I HAVE: Starting with RASPI3B+
generic "plugable" USB dac from amazon $6
recommended blue LCD
(1) axiom air 32 USB Midi Controller and/or (1) Worlde 32 USB Midi Controlr
shipper thought the 2nd one was lost ion transit so I bought th axiom
as a backup 2 days later the Worlde showed up
generic SR USB keyboard
generic 5" stand alone HDMI Display
64GB mico SD imaged with HAHNS latest IMAGE 11/30/18
32GB Sandisk USB ley loaded with 4 sets of samples downloaded from HAHNS


  1. NOTHING is soldered down. Im from the pizza box school of PC Construction, so its REALLY fragile. But its also easily recnfigurable
  2. LCD displays a VERY bright blue and thats all, neither thr trim pots NOR the full size pots make any difference
  3. it seems to ONLY be playing the SAW wave from the image micro sd in the /Samples directory
    I understand w/o the pots and w/ no buttons hooked in my patch change is limited, but since the image (I thought) was designed to point to the USB key it is rather confusing
  4. No MIDI ports. I know HAHNS setup doesnt show any in the photographs (thats why I havent hooked any up yet) but the original image have them and I do want thwm
  5. on the WORLDE controller the ONLY "ancillary" keys that function are OCTAVE +- which I was very pleased to see work immediately
  6. on the AXIOM controller the Octave +/- worked AND thw drum function (at the moment) to act as the NEXT LOWEST octave triggers (this is a guess)
  7. No buttons, but I want them, again HAHN doesnt display them so I havent tried adding them yet

I REALLY like the way the creater has his boards laid out and displays what they do and seems to have broken out many of the functions to live in each ancillary board

SO thats the good and the waiting, anyone who would like to assist it would be greatly appreciated

I JUST orderd a DAC+RCA and it will be here Wed, so I probably woint make and additional changes until it gets here.

gmeader posted Feb 21 '19, 06:58:

To debug what's going on, is is helpful to run samplerbox from a terminal (Linux command line):

  1. Stop samplerbox (because it automatically starts upon bootup.

    systemctl stop samplerbox

  2. Run samplerbox from the terminal, so you can see the messages it displays:

    cd SamplerBox
    python samplerbox.py


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