Damper- / release sounds for piano samples

Moleman posted Aug 26 '15, 17:25:

Hi, I came across this great project when I was looking for a way to turn my masterkeyboard into some kind of e-piano with the minimum hardware possible. Of course I first thought about my beloved RPi :)!
One thing: Would it be possible to add damper and -release sounds? There are sample sets that include these... I mean adding these .wav's before/after every other sample and play the damper release sample when pushing the sustain pedal?
Keep up the great work!
Thanks from Germany

Sax posted Feb 16 '16, 22:50:

Hello, I have the same question. These are a very important details for a pianist!
Please, someone can help us?


Franz posted Feb 22 '16, 12:13:

Are there any news on this issue? I would be interested in this feature as well.


herbert posted Feb 28 '16, 10:48:

Same here!

Sax posted Feb 28 '16, 15:04:

Another important feature: dumpers are not present from the sixth G (fifth octave on 88k). So the sound must be free from there!

Sax posted Feb 28 '16, 15:16:

(from there to the end of keyboard, naturally)

Westdude posted Mar 7 '16, 10:27:

There seems ro be some mention of //pedalaction on the full V3 Salamander piano project (v3)



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