definition.txt format of stuff

Nate posted Feb 5 '19, 05:03:

I'm trying to edit the definition file, and I'm banging my head into the wall trying to figure out how to write it in an acceptable way the program can understand.

Apparently you can't use return lines. Do I use spaces? Tabs? I read the tutorials and every post on this forum.

I'm trying to edit the 1GB grand piano velocities. I got the whole %notenamev4.wav,%velocity=40 thing, but I noticed with my word wrap it keeps the two parts from breaking apart when I make the screen larger or smaller.

I am ready to take the Pi and smash it!

Nate posted Feb 5 '19, 05:20:

Returns don't work. Spaces don't work. What is the separator?

joseph posted Feb 5 '19, 22:23:

You can edit the definition.txt on a PC or Mac, no need to do it from the RPi. You could start by copy/pasting the definition.txt from Salamender Grand Piano, i.e.:


and edit it to your needs.

Please post the filenames of at least 10 of your files, and we'll try to figure out the structure of the filenames.

Nate posted Feb 6 '19, 00:54:

Yes......... but what separates each line?

Nate posted Feb 6 '19, 00:56:

Everything you said now was said before and explained. Return and space don't work. Nothing in between each line doesn't work. There is no character. I don't know what the separator is.

Nate posted Feb 6 '19, 00:58:

I'm trying to add more velocity levels.

What do I do to separate the lines?

Nate posted Feb 6 '19, 16:57:

It is such a simple question. Yet... nobody has an answer?

HansEhv posted Feb 6 '19, 17:03:

New Line.
But you say you do so.
It's plain text.
What more to add to this?

Alex M posted Feb 7 '19, 02:33:

Nooo don't smash your pi! :o

I think we just need a bit more information about your process of editing the definition.txt

What are you using to edit the definition.txt? Try a simple ASCII text editor - the problem could be that there are some ghost characters in there inserted by a rich text editor. Try Notepad on PC or TextEdit in plain text mode (Mac users might be able to give more app suggestions)

Nate posted Feb 7 '19, 03:15:

Yeah, I'm using NotePad.

Nate posted Feb 7 '19, 03:32:

My whole Raspberry Pi experience has been a nightmare, but I am figuring it out. Apparently yes, it is just a new line. It won't load 15+ velocity levels. Too big of size? Too many samples? IDK. It does work at 6 velocity levels. I will test more and relay my findings.

Nate posted Feb 7 '19, 03:34:

Don't use NotePad. WordPad is the way to go. NotePad doesn't show all the returns.

Nate posted Feb 7 '19, 03:43:

It works at 12 levels... but not 14. It's like it gives up at some point.

Nate posted Feb 7 '19, 03:51:

That's fine. My intended use is to put sounds on various velocity levels so that I don't need to switch programs. It'll load all at once!

I make my own accordion/concertina reedless MIDI setups. I wire and program Arduinos to hall effect switches or springs plus a transducer for bellows expression, send it to a sampler (which now can be a Raspberry Pi), make my own samples on the sampler, and hopefully this year put speakers in the instrument as well as begin 3D printing the instrument. You have heard of the Roland V accordion? It's junk for sounds and playability.

Thank you everyone for your help! Especially Joseph, what a patient and kind guy! I'll post projects once completed on the FB page or wherever it's ideal.

Nate posted Feb 7 '19, 04:00:

I wonder what the memory usage limit is. It'd make sense that that is what is causing the Pi to error.

james boag posted Feb 14 '19, 23:32:

Notepad++ is the tool, it should handle all the different new line formats etc.
Ms Notepad will drive to insane

Thomas posted Feb 24 '19, 08:29:

I ve got 2017 version. I need to know how to change keyboard layout to french.

Wifi is not correctly implemented and don't work.

I don't know the go sentence for implemente mutegroup option.



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