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Pascal Sauvageau posted Feb 5 '19, 19:32:

Just hook up my Samplerbox with MIDI and I've loaded the SAW wave, on Note ON it plays but never cut out when I release the key (Note OFF) is there a thing I'm missing out?

joseph posted Feb 5 '19, 22:04:

Hi Pascal!
Have you tried with another keyboard? Example: a USB keyboard instead of a MIDI keyboard.
Some MIDI keyboards have exotic MIDI messages for NoteOff, may I ask which model it is?

You can also plug the keyboard to a PC and use the freeware MIDI-OX to see exactly what kind of MIDI message is sent when NoteOff. Feel free to post additional info about this so that we can see the reason.

See you

Pascal Sauvageau posted Feb 6 '19, 02:53:

I’m trying with a M-Audio Oxygen keyboard with the MIDI output (cable 5 pin) if I try to use the same keyboard with the USB connector I will have to find drivers for that? If so, this keyboard is so old I won’t find anything.... I’m trying to do a sudo apt-get update and after I’ll check with the freeware but I can’t connect it to my laptop it’s too old drivers wise my Mac laptop running High Sierra doesn’t recognize it.

Pascal Sauvageau posted Feb 6 '19, 14:55:

Okay now I understand what is going on, if I press a key quickly it get stuck, if I hold the key (let say 1 sec) and depressed it the Note OFF message is recognized and the sampler stop playing it.

Anybody got the same problem?

Any turnaround?

Pascal Sauvageau posted Feb 6 '19, 14:57:

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 2 B, if I overclock it will it react faster to incoming MIDI message?

HansEhv posted Feb 6 '19, 16:59:

One of my box's still is 2B. Can be played fast without issues.
Even running pi1 has no MIDI issues, but sound problems. The audio module is the bottleneck of SB.

Pascal Sauvageau posted Feb 6 '19, 22:22:

Another issue, there is no polyphony.... only mono.... I think I need another controller to make some test.

Pascal Sauvageau posted Feb 6 '19, 22:38:

OK, change controller, works flawlessly with my Alesis Micron, everything works, Note OFF, Polyphony this is just great!!!!

I'm gonna make myself a PCB to go along the Raspberry and this go into my pedalboard!

Great project, thanks again for your help guys!

Zac Belver posted Mar 12 '20, 14:40:

I had the same issue with other controllers. The name of the plague is "running status".
Controllers with default MIDI protocol have a individual note off message for each key pressed. Controllers where the protocol uses running status will usually let you with a sustaining note due to its trick for using less messages.

I've tried several keyboards with a certain MIDI2CV unit and the only one that works flawlessly is the Behringer UMX that I've checked later and the unit runs on default MIDI protocol while all the others every now and then miss the note off.
It took me a while to figure it out but if the controlled device was programmed to receive default MIDI messages then is almost certain death trying to control it with running status protocol.

The MFOS midi2cv unit (mine is another one from EMW) is an example and the late Ray Wilson stresses this matter along with the project instructions.

HansEhv posted Mar 12 '20, 21:34:

Only the basic samplerbox suffers from the running-status issue - and this occurs only on the DIY serial port.
USB midi works fine in all versions (because it uses standard midilib) and other forks have an updated serial midi routine supporting running status.
As Joseph stated, there may be keyboards with exotic midi protocol. I made a patch for a user with a Roland PT-3100, which appeared to use note-on with velocity=64 for note off - highly incompatible with other devices.
The point I want to make: for exceptions real debugging is sometimes necessary as it's not always "the same issue".
Midi2cv is quite a different approach compared to a sampler synth like samplerbox, but for the midipart it's the same of course. Interesting to try to combine them..

DMC posted Sep 7 '20, 19:10:

Wow, so the software does not support/tolerate running status? Can that get fixed.


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