Samples playing 25 cents sharp?

lune posted Feb 11 '19, 23:49:

Anyone else having this issue? I play the samples on the computer they are spot on, but when played on the samplerbox they are 25 cents sharp.... something with my soundcard maybe? I'm using a PIFI dac+ (this is a sort of hifiberry clone i think)

HansEhv posted Feb 12 '19, 00:09:

Perhaps it is fixed on 48 kHz instead off the the 44,1 kHz samplerbox sends by default.
Trying to reconfigure the card is better than correcting within samplerbox.

lune posted Feb 12 '19, 00:31:

thanks HansEhv - i tried making my samples at 48 khz to check that out and seems they play about 105-110 cents flat that way (which would make sense i think if it was set at the standard 44.1?)

HansEhv posted Feb 12 '19, 11:54:

So we seem to be in the right corner :-)
But I'm afraid that now they won't play in samplerbox as 44.1kHz and 24 bit are max values for reading the wav's. To avoid speed/tuning differences your card needs to be set at 44.1kHz as well.
It is possible to retune this by software, but a) this isn't perfect and b) it cannot be done easily on the original samplerbox.

lune posted Feb 16 '19, 19:23:

ok, so figured it out - there was a setting __

this line: <<< USE_48kHz = True # Output 48kHz iso 44100Hz >>>
I turned to 'False' and samples play correctly now (if they are 44.1kHz !!!)

HansEhv posted Feb 16 '19, 21:02:

Didn't realize you're using my fork. It's distributed set as false.
Anyway, good to hear it works ok now.
Question: have you been able to play 48kHz samples? This used to be impossible, but we are some updates further so I may have missed an improvement in the sound libs. If so, I could try to make both codings work without having to fiddle with this 48Khz param bypass.

lune posted Feb 18 '19, 12:17:

I'll check this out and report back

lune posted Feb 18 '19, 19:49:

the 48khz sample plays, but proportionally flat as might be expected.

btw, kudos for all the work on the fork! especially playback mode options really make the difference for this being a usable option for me. cheers!

HansEhv posted Feb 18 '19, 21:28:

Thanks for your feedback and also thanks for trying the 48khz input.
Yet another item on the wishlist :-)


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