USB stick - system crash

Florent posted Jun 17 '19, 15:31:


My sampler box is working fine, however, I can't use a USB stick to have the samples.
When I use one, the system crash (it's trying to boot it I guess) so I can't access to the console to see what's wrong.
I used an old one (data traveler 102 8GB) and a new one (SamDisk 32GB), both formated as fat32.
I'm using a raspberry pie 2

Did anyone had the same problem in the past? Would be cool if I could avoid buying a new one!


HansEhv posted Jun 19 '19, 12:35:

New to me :-)
If you attach an HDMI screen and USB keyboard and then boot, you can see what's going on and login too.

Florent posted Jun 19 '19, 19:58:

Hey, thanks for the answer

When I'm doing that, it's launching the program and crash just after it, so I don't have the time to log in. I suspect that it's trying to boot the USB stick. I formatted them using different tools but still the same thing.

Florent posted Jun 20 '19, 17:53:

Little update: I got a new USB stick and same problem.
However, I noticed that the system is crashing only when both USB stick and midi keyboard are plugged. I have a arturia keystep. So power problem? I'll try to make the midi work to see.

HansEhv posted Jun 20 '19, 22:56:

Could be a possibility. You should use a 2mA power adapter (for Pi3 even 3mA), if you have this already then this isn't.
However what I would try too:

Startup without USB.
Stop the running background script with 'systemctl stop samplerbox'.
CD to SamplerBox dir and start manually with './' or 'python' and look for any weird messages.
You can now also test the midi/sound with the onboard saw. For the Arturia you the din interface on the PI or use a USB adapter.
Stop the script with ctrl-C.
Insert the stick (and look for..etc)
Start the script again (and look...)

It won't solve anything yet, but you get a better insight on what's happening.

HansEhv posted Jun 21 '19, 01:05:

Oops, ofcourse it's A, not mA...

Florent posted Jun 21 '19, 12:07:

Indeed, my power adapter is definitely not powerful enough!
I'll try to find an appropriate one
Thank you! Florent


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