Unexpected issue in rendering some sample sound

Rajiv Deo posted Mar 15 '19, 06:29:

SamplerBox plays 0 SAW without any issues. I recorded a Accordion sample (41K 16 bit mono RAW WAV) and wanted to use it in SamplerBox.

There is some irritating crackling sound coming in the background when the sample is played using SamplerBox. Problem is even worse when a chord is played.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rajiv Deo posted Mar 15 '19, 08:01:

read 44.1KHz instead of 41K in above message

Gilles Lacaud posted Mar 15 '19, 11:35:

Maybe you need to save your accordion sample not in RAW WAV but in a real wav file. If the header is missing maybe the sampler box don't understand the format of the file.

HansEhv posted Mar 15 '19, 14:29:

It's most likely the recording volume. If your building supports the %gain parameter, you can use that.
Otherwise you can normalise the samples to -6db of -12db depending on the sound characteristics.

HansEhv posted Mar 15 '19, 21:22:

of=or, sorry.

Rajiv Deo posted Mar 16 '19, 08:10:

Thanks Hans I will try that out


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