Install problem

Tim posted Mar 18 '19, 19:59:

I have installed the image on a micro SD card and put the samples on a USB stick but nothing happens on booting the raspberry PI.
Also when installed to a screen I only see a black screen.

When I look at the disk image it seems like not all the files are on there. Is that possible?
I only have 23 files including 1 folder named 'overlay'. Doesn't there supposed to be at least a folder named 'samplerbox' with the file and others?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, please let me know

Bernhard Breuer posted May 8 '19, 13:48:

i have the same problem. sometimes i hear the sawtooth, sometimes it dose nothing.
i tried with the rpi3b+ with an exchanged start.elf. the rpi2 with the original image does nothing.

Cedrick posted May 8 '19, 18:27:

You're right Tim, the initial img was 1.51, the new one this week is 1.26 and the samplerbox files is missing. Don't know why.

Best Regards,

TrisWood posted May 15 '19, 18:20:

Hi....I'm not sure though how these frequent requests make it through to Eben seeing how any discussion of desired product or features is quickly shut down on the forum with some members regularly being quick off the mark to tell us that such requests are "pi in the sky thinking" and making the case for new product is "just hot air and insulting to RPT/RPF"


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