Can't get mutegroups working

defavltt posted Mar 26 '19, 16:12:

I was in a need of choke groups and tried the mutegroup command. But I can't get it to work. Let me know if I did anything wrong in the definition file.


HansEhv posted Mar 26 '19, 22:47:

Hi defavltt,
You should define a sound/wav only once using a pattern, so you basically bring it down to:
..if your samples are named 41.wav and so on.

For the other release wav's you'll have to adapt their naming and give the appropriate pattern, eg:
36-r.wav and so on, giving an extra line:
.. or something like that :-)

Hope this helps, Hans

HansEhv posted Mar 26 '19, 22:49:

..btw: mutegroups are available in Alex's build only...

defavltt posted Mar 27 '19, 04:19:

Hi Hans
This helped a lot but where can I find the 3 builds you are talking about in my previous post? I really can't find them. On github?

HansEhv posted Mar 27 '19, 08:26:

Hi Defavltt, That's the easiest way, since we can't post links here anymore. Via the general search you'll get several hits on samplerbox. You need Joseph (official), Alex MacCrae and hansehv. The readme's contain links to related sites. Joseph's image can be found on this site (go to the root instead of forum), Alex's is on github and mine is via the site pointed to on github.

HansEhv posted Mar 27 '19, 08:37:

...never trust your memory.. :-)
It's josephernest and alexmacrae.

defavltt posted Mar 27 '19, 13:02:

Ok thanks Hans!

defavltt posted Mar 27 '19, 14:56:

Also when I try to find a file I can't find it anywhere I searched even the three partitions.

HansEhv posted Mar 27 '19, 20:49:

That's a bit weird as it's a plain text file in /root/samplerbox in the 2nd (root) partition.


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