%%mode=Loo2 command not working

defavltt posted Mar 31 '19, 07:08:

Sorry for asking again but when I use this command it doesn't work at all. Is this because of the raspberry pi that im using (PI3B+) or the image im using. Is it exclusively on the alexmacrae image? Or is there some special mapping of the command in the definition.txt file?

HansEhv posted Mar 31 '19, 13:11:

It should work on Alex's and mine afaik. No relation with pi hw.
WAV must contain loop markers and definition.txt must be ok (=as documented).

defavltt posted Mar 31 '19, 19:58:

Is this definition correct?


In this sample set im just using 1 sample to test I can get it working.

HansEhv posted Mar 31 '19, 21:58:

Looks OK to me. So again: does the WAV contain loop markers?
And when you start manually, do the startup messages contain complaints about invalid WAV's or empty presets or any other errors?
Etcetera.....it's DIY.

defavltt posted Apr 1 '19, 09:03:

The file that I use has loop markers and they work when I hold the note, but the loop toggle doesn't work from the mode=Loo2 command. And should I look for errors when plugged in the HDMI with a monitor bc I very rarely use a monitor with it?

HansEhv posted Apr 1 '19, 18:25:

Ok, sorry, won't bother you anymore.


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