Use SamplerBox as a Library

Seth posted Apr 30 '19, 18:17:

How can I use SamplerBox code to play sounds in my own project? I've studied the code, and concluded that I'm just not good enough programmer to just pick out the right code out SamplerBox. Has someone made it into a library, or have a simpler fork?

Project Background: I have a working project written in Python that uses Fluidsynth as a library. It's Kid piano with 14 keys that triggers a Pi Zero via GPIO. It plays the duration that I hold down the key, so it's more advanced than just a wav player. If I have it print text or light LEDs it's plenty fast, but when I use the FluidSynth library, the latency is unacceptable. I'm using a 30MB Piano only SoundFont, so it's not running out of RAM.


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