Pi 4 (New Pi)

Dan posted Jun 24 '19, 17:08:


Does anybody know if Samplerbox will or should work on the Pi 4? Also, if/anyone tries it, did you bump into any issues?

Thanks, Dan

Raul posted Sep 23 '19, 08:36:

Hello, Samplerbox works perfectly on raspbian for rasperry pi 4, but I can not tell if the iso boot because I just run the app on Raspbian. I hope this helps.

Peter posted Jan 28 '20, 12:09:

The iso can´t boot, i tried and i have black screen in Raspberry pi 4 - 4Gb Ram

Luke Hawley posted Feb 8 '20, 15:54:

Try replacing start.elf and fixup.dat from the newest Raspbian download on the SD card.

Andreas posted Mar 8 '20, 12:41:

Hi everyone!

I am not sure what the conclusion was here. Is there a working method to easily boot into Samplerbox using an ISO with Raspberry Pi 4, as with previous Pis?



PuB posted Mar 8 '20, 19:19:

Hi everyone,
New to the forum i'd like to first thanks everybody involved in the SB project : it's absolutely great !

I recently acquired a pi4 and unsucessfully tried to boot with the last available imagebox20190907.img from hans for RPi3, and like peter got a blank screen.
I then tried Luke's advice and replaced start.elf and fixup.dat in the BOOT partition of the SD card, with the one from the last raspbian distribution (Raspbian Buster 2020-02-13, working for RPi4). It didn't work either.
I also tried to replace all start and fixup files but it didn't work either.

Samplerbox (latest joseph version) is working ok when manually installed from raspbian on RPi4 as Raul said, but then I tried the ISO_creation script, and although it ended up creating an iso image, this image won't boot either (which is strange, but I'm not competent enough to understand all steps in the iso_making script, and where it should be altered to make it work with a running raspbian for RPi4 as base...).
If someone manage to make a working image for RPi4 that would be great !
Otherwise it's still working from raspbian... (but then you need a screen...)

vinnui posted Mar 14 '20, 20:01:

Hi all!
I've tried to replace all fixup.dat, and start.elf files in BOOT partition, but no success.

Austen posted Mar 16 '20, 02:14:

The pi4 cannot do pi3 images. It uses a new system... etc. But this is my first few weeks working with pi's so I am not sure how to upgrade the image.

All in all you have to install a regular debian image for pi4 and then manually install the SamplerBox things via the instructions on github. Until someone writes the image creation script for pi4.

John Durso posted Mar 24 '20, 16:02:

I'm trying this with Hans's version with RPi4 and no luck here either. I saw above PuB was able to manually install Joseph's version, and I'd like to do the same with Hans's version but it's not clear how.

Austen which version did you manually install?

HansEhv posted Mar 24 '20, 23:03:

My five cents for this topic:
Upgrading a samplerbox image won't work as it will reintroduce all unnecessary overhead (samplerbox is a stripped Debian appliance, my image is "in between" jessie and stretch).
Manually installing my version on new full OS is always possible, however you have to take in account that - due to all extra's - it uses much more CPU and memory than Josephs. The memory is no issue as PI4 has much more, but the CPU remains a "thingy" which may cause additional latency and possible "clicks and plops" (I develop on a full OS PI and some things can only be tuned on the image itself).
But usually it just works.
Normally I'd say: carefully read the build-it instructions on my site - including "the software evolution part" and links - and you should succeed.
However: your starting point will be GitHub and this is some serious versions ahead of the latest image (I'll release a new one in near future). Newly added software next to the scripts is not documented yet, so you'll have to improvise based on the available docs and errors you encounter.
After this release I'll consider having a try to make it work on PI4. Considering the weird things I've encountered going to 3B+ I dare not make any statement concerning success chance. The extra memory is a motivating factor though....
But if anyone is capable of making a PI4 script for the basic samplerbox, I'm confident I can port my additions to that. Users of both samplerbox versions will be happy :-)
Regards, Hans


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