Pifi DAC+ 2.0

DjJohn posted Jul 2 '19, 07:20:

Anyone tried using a pifi DAC+ 2.0 from tinkersphere with samplerbox? I can’t seem to get it to recognize as a sound device. Any advice?

HansEhv posted Jul 2 '19, 21:40:

Maybe try this:

Did you change the config.txt in the boot dir?
I don't have this hat, but saw it being configured like HifiBerry, which leads to

Comment/delete: dtparam=audio=on
And add: dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus

This will make it replace the default device (0)

DDjJohn posted Jul 2 '19, 23:29:

Thank you for your reply HansEhv, the default image that I burnt into my sd card did not have the /boot/config.txt file, so I created it and added this:


but that didn't seem to work because I tried:
aplay -l and only saw the onboard dac that the pi has.

I will try your advice and let you know soon.

HansEhv posted Jul 3 '19, 21:39:

Hi DjJohn,
The samplerbox won't mount the boot partition, so after normal start /boot appears to be empty.
Putting a file in there does nothing excepty preventing from using that directory to mount the boot partition if needed (so: please empty it again).

Ways to access it:
Mount from linux after start
Insert the card in PC. You'll find the config.txt in the root of the first partition (fat formatted) on Linux or in the root of the only partition in Windows (windows doesn't recognize ext4 filesystems).

Hope this helps.

DjJohn posted Jul 12 '19, 01:15:

I properly edited the config file this time by mounting the boot partition and I see the green light on my DAC now but still no sound. I get the error

pcm512x 1-004d: No SCLK, using BCLK: -2

HansEhv posted Jul 12 '19, 14:43:

That's not an error but an informative message that can be ignored. Both light and this message indicate the script properly addressed the dac.
Consider some more debugging.
Stop the autostarted script with 'systemctl stop samplerbox' and start manually from the SamplerBox folder with 'python samplerbox.py'.
You may get useful error messages.
What build are you using?

HansEhv posted Jul 12 '19, 17:43:

Last message was incomplete (sorry), next areas of interest are:
Are the samples recognized and read succesfully?
Is the midi device recognized and notes received?


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