M-AUDIO usb dac- help

Benji posted Jul 3 '19, 16:19:


Got some problem with my m-audio dac, its a small one that came with a midikeyboard that i bought.

I tried to uncomment the dtparam... in config. But no luck, also changed audio device in configuration to 2. no luck there either.

Also tried the onboard audio but only got audio thru HDMI...

anyone knowing what im doing wrong, its a pi3b+ with the latest image from xs4all.

Take care

Benji posted Jul 3 '19, 16:50:

yo, got onboard 3.5 to work, just disconnect hdmi.

if i cant get my m-audio usb dac to work, what would be a good choise?
the classic sabrent?`



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