HiFiBerry DAC + Pi 3B+

Brett posted Aug 8 '19, 19:21:

Hey guys, this is my first time ever using a Raspberry Pi, and I'm having a lot of trouble. I've seen other posts in the forum about this, but I don't understand the answers. Like, literally, the instruction "put this software on the SD card" took me a month because no one mentioned I needed windiskimage or some other such software to do that. So with that in mind:

I've got SamplerBox installed and working through either the Pi's audio port or the HDMI (if that's plugged in). I added the HiFiBerry on top, but the sound still prefers to use either of the two aforementioned routes rather than coming through the RCA ports on the HiFiBerry.

I tried reading HiFiBerry's instructions (on their official site, links not allowed in post) but I typed in a few of these commands and they were not recognized.

Can anyone walk me through this like I was a 5 year old?

Mac posted Jan 31 '20, 21:17:

I am getting the same sort of problems. I have an R-Pi 3B+ and HiFiBerry DAC+ Standard. Everything is fine with internal sound or an external USB sound card, but th berry does not work. I have carefully gone through the config.txt and I can't see any problems against the instructions for this, but when I boot I get the 'starting samplerbox' message, then I get 'Invalid audiodev'. Then the display goes blank.
Any help or advice would be appreciated. I do not have access to another R-Pi or HiFIBerry.
(The HiFIBerry is new out of the box, but it was a present, so I can't send it back for a replacement)
If there is no solution, what alternative sound card do you recommend / suggest that is of a reasonable quality?

HansEhv posted Jan 31 '20, 23:59:

Hi Mac,
The info you give is very, very brief... :-(
I conclude you use my image (from the "homspace" site) since you have a 3B+.
I also conclude you use a HD44780_16x2_LCD.
In that case, there is a conflict of the pins as LCD_D6=18 is used by HiFiberry too.
I suggest you connect that wire to another pin and adapt the configuration.txt (there is a short explanation in there describing possibility of such conflicts).

Mac posted Feb 1 '20, 17:04:

Hello Hans,
Thank you for a fast response.
You are quite right, I am using your image from the "homspace" site - Very pleased with it and I hope that you will continue to develop it.

Your suggestion of a conflict on pin LCD_D6 was correct. I have now changed this to LCD_D6=23 (and have re-wired the HD44780_16x2_LCD to match).

The HiFIBerry now works perfectly. Thanks again for your help.

HansEhv posted Feb 1 '20, 18:29:

Glad to hear it works.
Yes, still developing, don't worry.
Thanks and have fun!


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