Samplerbox on raspberry 4?

Vrso posted Aug 19 '19, 23:37:

What is the most updated raspberry pi model on which to run samplerbox?

vrso posted Aug 27 '19, 21:27:

i think 3B+ but i can not find an iso bootable

vrso posted Aug 27 '19, 22:19:

at this page you can finde the latest ISO i found

here the project an the how to

Adam posted Aug 29 '19, 10:33:

Does the disk image on the homspace site work with the original sampler box circuit that has din midi etc?

Adam posted Aug 29 '19, 10:52:

Im guessing not as they appear to be taking up some of the same gpio pins...

HansEhv posted Aug 30 '19, 01:09:

Hi Adam,
The same io pins are power and ground pins. So there should be no issue using the serial midi circuit, only thing is that I haven't tested it...
Hifiberry and pins of LCD conflict, but that's easy to solve as gpio pins are easily configurable via the configuration.txt.
I'd be happy to receive feedback the homspace site if you encounter any issues as I'm not able to test all possible versions you can build from my fork.
Regards, Hans

HansEhv posted Aug 30 '19, 01:32:

To be more specific: you can build the original sb hardware (serial midi, two buttons and 7-segment display).
Just read the docs and choose...and then configure, it's DIY :-)

Adam posted Aug 30 '19, 09:13:

Thanks Hans thats a great help. As 7 segment works through I2C i presume 16x2 would work through I2C. Is this correct? Or would it need to go the GPIO route for the relevant data to be sent?

HansEhv posted Aug 31 '19, 02:02:

Hi Adam,
Current HD44780_16x2_LCD routine only supports plain GPIO. I think it's easily extendable for supporting I2C (possibly better via a separate HD44780 I2C routine, but we'll see...)

Two considerations:
1) Using I2C might interfere with soundcard hats; these tend to use I2c and poor driver implementation might screw things up. But it may work out right (or may not be applicable in your situation).
2) I'm about to release a new version having OLED support (on device type only, but also this should be easily extendable). This is a bit more modern looking :-)

If you'd like to implement more hardware, please contact me via the "contact Hans directly" form on my site as I love to get more supported devices but need cooperation as I simply cannot buy everything....

HansEhv posted Aug 31 '19, 02:04:

.. "my site" is the homspace site...

Adam posted Aug 31 '19, 10:25:

I’m still gathering parts myself. I currently have both the 7 segment and the HD44780 as well as an I2C interface that fits on the back of the HD. I’m waiting for the other parts to arrive then I’m going to start running some test builds to decide which version I’d like for my finished product. Have you got an example of the OLED that would be supported?

HansEhv posted Aug 31 '19, 21:42:

It uses Luma.OLED which claims to have drivers for: SSD1306, SSD1309, SSD1322, SSD1325, SSD1327, SSD1331, SSD1351, SH1106.

Current code only supports SH1106, but in my opinion it's a matter of adapting the messages sent to display to fit the correct dimensions.
This particular OLED is also equipped with buttons, these are served by the already existing buttons routine :-)
Don't give me the credits for this code, it was contributed by theNothingMan.

I'd gladly cooporate to extend this with more models. I could just write it of course, but I don't like to distribute code without heaving it tested one way or another.

HansEhv posted Aug 31 '19, 21:47:

..forgot to mention in both answers: it uses the SPI option for communicating - I don't know if all models also do support that. SPI instead of I2C is convenient in SB case as you're sure you can safely use the common sound card hats...


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