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Martin posted Aug 29 '15, 21:08:

Hi all,
Apologies in advance if this is a noob question but I'm very new to this.

I've installed the SamplerBox image, and I can see the login screen when it boots up but I hear no sound. I've got a usb pen drive attached to my RPi with the Grand Piano set on it but still nothing.

I've tried running the SamplerBox manually by running "python samplerbox.py" but I get around 20 errors saying "Unable to find definition 'cards.bcm2835.pcm.front.0:CARD=0'.

Any clues what the issue could be?

Thanks in advance

Mirco posted Aug 30 '15, 02:44:

Hi what kind of DAC are you use ? Had try to chance the number of soundcard on sampler.PY file ? Usually this Value is 2


Martin posted Aug 31 '15, 22:44:

Hi, thanks for the response. I'm not actually using a DAC yet, I assumed I'd get a sound from the device anyway (though heavily distorted, as I understand). I'm not familiar with how I check the number of the soundcard in Sample.py. Can you provide a bit more info? Apologies again, like I said I'm very new to this.

Mirco posted Sep 1 '15, 23:38:

Hi martin
The device number is on the top of script if you use the internal audio leave default Value 0 if you use a DAC pt Value 2. To debug the problems stop the service and lunch manually the script under Sampler dir by python samplerbox.py if any error appear please post here and i try to help you.

Martin posted Sep 3 '15, 15:44:

Hi, I've worked out how to modify this file now this hasn't helped.

Whenever I turn on the RPi, I always get to the login command with no other detail and I get no output from the headphone jack when i press my midi keyboard.

When I then have to "cd SamplerBox" and "python samplerbox.py" to get it to run.

I can see that it recognises my midi keyboard, but I get various other messages but I don't know what they mean.

Are you able to assist?

Here are a couple of images showing my setup.

My setup - Standard Rpi 2, with a usb drive with the grand piano on it, an sd card with samplerbox on it, aa usb keyboard, a usb midi keyboard, a set of headphones and a hdmi cable to my tv.

The errors I get one I run python samplerbox.py

Apologies for the terrible photo, I'm not sure how to get a screenshot of all of the errors.

Thanks a lot in advance

Martin posted Sep 3 '15, 16:09:

I've also just run the systemctl status samplerbox and it's given the following error:

Unable to find definiton 'cards.bcm2035.pcm.icc958.0:CARD=0,AES1=130,AES2=0,AES3=2
function snd_func_refer returned error: No such file or directory
Evaluate error: No such file or directory
Unknown PCM spdif

A few other errors about hdmi but I'm guessing they're not related to the issue.

Martin posted Sep 3 '15, 17:21:

It's alive! Sorted all the issues.

I think the problem I was facing was that I only put the Grand Piano on my USB drive. As soon as I added the Saw everything worked fine.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Mirco posted Sep 3 '15, 18:03:

Great Martin, i'm very happy that now you can play with samplerbox, if you need i have prepare a big file with varius wav file like a few bass sound, strings and more.


Martin posted Sep 3 '15, 23:15:

Thanks a lot Micro, that'd be very useful to test out my new gadget! Cheers and thanks again for your help. I'll probably write a fools guide to getting set up for anyone else completely new to the RPi at some point, to assist anyone that's as easily confused as I am :)

tony posted Oct 12 '15, 01:48:

hey micro i would love to get that file from you! let me know the best way email is [email protected]


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