Drum Machine

Adam posted Aug 22 '19, 10:39:

Im looking at making a drum machine and samplerbox looks like it would fit the brain of my project perfectly. Has there been any drum kits released?

Erich posted Dec 26 '19, 23:09:

Hi, today I had checked the possibility to use WAV-Files which do not contain any note-number oder note-name. - like typical drum-samples.

In the definition-File, You simply define the sound per one line
809kick.wav, %midinote=36, %voice=2, %fillnote=N

The Options per Sound are:
%channel 0= all Channels


%voice 1-4
%seq 1-127 ... an option which was included in the MPC5000 first.
%mode .. once: loo2
%mutegroup 0= no Mutegroup, 1= first mutegroup

More Details are here documented:


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