trigger samples and loops from GPIO

Ays posted Aug 23 '19, 22:50:

Is it possible to trigger samples and loops from GPIO ?

thank you

HansEhv posted Aug 23 '19, 23:43:

Yes, but it's a complete different concept: Replace the midi call back with a gpio thread.
None of the builds on this forum support this (I expect severe issues in syncing both techniques).
However, it's a nice but non-scalable, technique for a DJ :-)
I would suggest to use a Arduino generating midi signals instead. Then you have the best of both worlds and a better scaling platform.

Ayskura posted Aug 25 '19, 13:01:

What do you mean by scalable? Basically I would like to have lets say the lower or higher octave with few GPIO with loops while having the midi keyboard playing the rest of the mapping...

HansEhv posted Aug 25 '19, 16:41:

I incorrectly assumed you wanted to replace the keyboard with GPIO, which could lead to pins shortage :-)
As I understand you now, it's a matter of selective copy/paste of the few note-on/off (message 9 and 8) statements from the midi call back to the buttons thread.
Mind however that triggering from another thread than midi might cause hics in the playing sounds.


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