Issues getting sound on Raspberry Pi 2 B+

Colin Brogan posted Oct 12 '19, 01:07:

I have an iCON iKeyboard 4X, a cheap USB soundcard from adafruit, and I etched your iso. I also plugged in a USB drive with the following instrument downloaded:

Mellotron MK II Flute

It is in the root of the USB drive as follows:

0 Flute/*

On the first run, I checked systemctl status samplerbox, and it was not running, reporting an issue with smbus and i2c. I opened up your, and changed the following top variables:


This fixed the smbus / i2c error. On reboot, the system daemon is running fine, but no sound. I stopped it, and executed directly, and observed the following output:

Opened audio device #2
Opened MIDI: iCON iKeyboard 4X V1.06 24:0
Opened MIDI: iCON iKeyboard 4X V1.06 24:1
Preset loading: 0 (0 Flute)
Error in definition file, skipping line 1.
Preset loaded: 0

Any ideas what's going on? I did not make any changes to the definition file of the instrument. Also, I know that the actual keys are on channel 1 (not 0) of my keyboard (it strangely runs 2 different midi devices). I have tested the keyboard in other applications and channel 1 works.

I am very excited by this project. Hope I can get it running soon! Great work on the 8 second boot time and realtime linux. I have been trying this kind of stuff with fluidsynth for months and constantly running into problems, with crazy long boot times and audio issues.

Colin Brogan posted Oct 26 '19, 22:05:

I finally got sound out of my C-Media Headphone set. I can't find the articles that made me get it fixed, but basically I had to disable linux from setting up the onboard sound card, and then alsa started using my USB audio card by default.

Still having problems loading the Mellotron pre-set. I am trying other instruments. I successfully have the saw sound working.


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