Parameters, expression etc.

Levi ram posted Oct 30 '19, 11:45:

We're currently working on a sampling project where we clone a full hammond organ as perfect as we can. We would love to make a SamplerBox version but we're concerned about if it would offer support for the necessary Midi functions we need.
Especially; we need the parameters to work. We rely on a mechanism where you can control all the drawbars seperately via Midi parameters. On top of that we programmed the entire organ to respond to a expression pedal like a Hammond would. This is not hard to program in Kontakt but we were wondering if the SamplerBox would support this too.
There's more we still have to work out and think about before we can make the product, like for instance how and where we could run a leslie simulation, vibrato, a spring reverb etc. but we'd love to see if SamplerBox could be the solution for us.
We hope to hear something soon!

All the best,

HansEhv posted Nov 1 '19, 23:39:

Hi Levi,
I'd like to answer, but before doing so:
"We" ... is there a way to find more about "you" ?
This suggests commercial intentions and I prefer working in open source setup.
All the best to you too of course,


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