A lot of samples to create Your needed Sounds - GuitarPro

Erich posted Nov 12 '19, 20:21:

Around 2010 I had bought Guitar Pro.
I have searched on this Windows-PC for WAV Files and found a lot of files in the application-directory of GuitarPro.
The MIDI-Note-Number is included in the files.

So, If You own GuitarPro, then check the folder of GP and You will find a lot of very authentic samples Instruments.
I found a lot of guitars, sax, piano and a lot of other samples.
They are sampled in different Velocity-Values.

I had not tested specially with samplerbox if thy work but as the Filenames look quite good to create a good Samplerbox-Instrument out of these samples.

based on the Copyright it is forbidden to make the samples public. Probably someone creates the Configfiles for Samplerbox for these samples and share these configfiles.

HansEhv posted Nov 12 '19, 22:36:

Hi Erich,
Sounds good.
I've noticed an old post where you asked for effects. Meanwile I've developed an alternative version with a lot of options, including various effects you may like.
Please take a look at homspace.xs4all.nl/homspace/samplerbox/
I can can have a look at creating the configfiles, please contact me via the feedback tab, pointing to mail to Hans.
Thanks in advance

Erich posted Dec 25 '19, 18:07:

Hi Hans,
I have downloaded Your version last monday and tried to build the hardware around it, - the LCD and a PCM 5102-Codec.
I created already some configfiles but still need some more time.

Marry Christmas!

Best Regards

Erich posted Dec 26 '19, 23:01:

Hi all, i have tested it today.
The Fileformat ist not WAV, Audacity or Samplerbox is not able to play these Files WAV-Files included in the GuitarPro6-Installation.
It seems that these files are compressed like mpeg 1 or others..

Next thing I will check is to create WAV-Files based on existing MIDI-Sound-Expanders with the Akai MPC-Software and their "Autosampler".


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