Micro tones

Henk posted Nov 23 '19, 21:03:

Hallo, would it be possible to create microtones in the definition.txt.
I have an instrument in mean tone tuning and based on a few samples I like to fill in the rest of the notes. However with %%fillnotes you can just have a moderate tuning (100cents) between each semitone.
Anybody an idea how to solve this?

HansEhv posted Nov 23 '19, 22:38:

Hi Henk,
Don't know what build you're using (fillnotes is in two of the many), but if you use the one from homspace.xs4all.nl/homspace/samplerbox/ you'll find useful info in the 24 tone scale subjects of the configuration parameters and the "more info" tab of the docs site.
I think you might get what you need with the %retune parameter.
If that doesn't fit your needs, don't hesitate to contact me directly via the "mail to hans" feedback option. I'm always interested in new applications of the box :-)
And if you're dutch, you can use your mother tongue :-)

HansEhv posted Nov 23 '19, 22:46:

.... or via notemapping ....
All depends on your goal..


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