Samples created with Akai MPC, Question regarding definition.txt

Erich posted Dec 27 '19, 19:19:

Hi SamplerBox-Users,
this is probably the fastest way to create an MIDI-Expander as a Copy based on an existing one.

I am the owner of an older EMU-Expander Xtreme-Lead1 ... for techno. .. never really used.
With the MPC-Software, since version 2.6 a simple tool called "Autosampler" is included.
I am using the MPC-Software to create the WAV-Files.
It could be done with a MPC-Live too. I am using the software on a normal MAC.

The final WAV-Filenames are like this: .. first line for Velocity 70, second for Velocity 127
Rave Organ-sampled-024 Ab2 070.WAV
Rave Organ-sampled-024 Ab2 127.WAV

The MPC-Software creates all samples with the same name followed by the MIDI-Note-Number, the Notename with "b" and the Velocity.
How should the definition.txt look alike?

My Samplerbox, based on HansEv - Image tells me only " Empty preset".

-%notenumber %velocity.WAV

  • %notename %velocity.WAV works but in that case, I have to rename most filenames.

I have tried it with the %notename but therefore, I have to change all the names because Samplerbox needs the "#"-names.

Any suggestion?

Here are some hints around the MPC-Software:
.. yes there is an option to test this software for 7 days. :)
I bought it for 99€ at Thomann last week. The more simple standard version ( 49€ )could be enough ... probably.
The difference seems to be the number of VST-Instruments which are only a big download.

It does not create automatically the right looperpoints but for this synth (Techno) it is enough.
It creates looperpoints based on overlapping areas of the sample.

Any suggestions for the definition.txt ?

Best Regards

Erich posted Dec 27 '19, 19:40:

-%notenumber %velocity.WAV dows not work...

Erich posted Dec 27 '19, 19:41:

the "startsign" is not shown
STAR -%notenumber %velocity.WAV
" ...

HansEhv posted Dec 28 '19, 00:05:

Hi Erich,
Leave out the dash. Yes... this name parsing is extremely versatile but also a pain sometimes :-(
After reading some of your latest posts:
In next quarter I'll release a new version with mutegroups and (most likely) the %seq parameter as well. Amongst all kinds of other stuff you may like....
Regards, Hans

HansEhv posted Dec 28 '19, 00:13:

Oops, there are numbers in the wav names.
So make the dash a space (as in the wav-names):
x %notenumberx%velocity.WAV
Replace the x with an asterisk/star

Erich posted Jan 16 '20, 19:25:

Final Solution for Samplesets out of AKAI MPC:

  1. When doing the Auto-Sampling with MPC, define a very short Filename for the WAV-Files! MPC does not provide right Notenames if the prefix for the filename is too long. Try max 6 Chars.
  2. Start the Sampling
  3. Cut the Wav-Content, Select the "Sounding" area and "Discard" all other, use Normalize
  4. Rename the Filenames inside AKAI MPC, extension .WAV to .wav, replace Flat Gb1 to Sharp-Notes F#1 etc.
  5. Save the whole program with the sampleset
  6. Check the names, they should include the right extension .wav
  7. Create a simple definition.txt which searches for the notename.wav as the end of the filenames.

Works great, - looping is still a bit fiddling. Auto-Zero-Crossing-Search works great but has to be enabled/disabled while editing.
Startpoint of the Sound in the WAV seems to be standard in MPC but will be ignored in the samplerbox which causes some kind of "latency".

MPC2.6 seems to be an option to create usable WAV-Files.


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