Raspberry A+?

Luke Hawley posted Jan 6 '20, 01:54:

I'm very new to Raspberry Pi and a newbie coder (I've built tube amps and pedals, but nothing this digital) and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this going--so I'm wondering if my problem is using an A+? I download the image, flash it with Balena to a 16gb SD card, plug it into my Pi A+, plug my Akai MPK mini into the USB port, and plug headphones (or a powered speaker) into the 1/8th inch and ... nothing. I even tried a manual install from Raspbian Lite--nothing. No sound, no nothing. I've watched a bunch of videos on other pi midi synths, but I love the SamplerBox idea; it just seems so easy. Emphasis on seems. Any tips? Any video walk throughs? Thanks!

Erich posted Jan 7 '20, 23:18:

perhaps You have to add a USB-Soundcard or You have to change the configuration-txt - file.

homspace.xs4all.nl /homspace/samplerbox/configuration.txt

Which Base-Image did You use for it? The official older one from Joseph or a newer one from Hans?
I have followed this instruction:
homspace.xs4all.nl /homspace/samplerbox/SBbuild.html

I had build my Samplerbox with an LCD-display and PCM 5180-Soundcard last 2 weeks, but I have used a Raspberry Pi 3 because of the needed USB-Ports.
Most users do not use the onboard-Soundcard because it is only PWM which sounds like 12Bit or less.
If You own an active USB-Hub, then try to expand the number of USB-Interfaces and use an USB-Interface which works out of the box.

The configuration.txt has to be changed for other Soundcard-Configurations.

Best Regards

Luke Hawley posted Jan 9 '20, 02:12:

The USB DAC just arrived today, so I’ll give it a shot. I tried a couple different base-images, definitely Joseph’s latest and Hans’.

Erich posted Jan 16 '20, 19:27:

ok, good luck and let me know how it performs. I am thinking about Raspi Zero or the A+ too. The 3+ is taking to much power for my needs.

Luke Hawley posted Jan 17 '20, 01:11:

I haven't completely gotten it to work. I got Hans' version to load when I replaced start.elf and fix.data with the most recent Pi package. I can get it to play through my HDMI, but nothing else--though I think I got a bum USB DAC (the board was disconnected from the USB input part). But I haven't gotten it to play through the 1/8th inch on the A+ either. A lot of this is my own newbieness--it's a steeper learning curve for me than basic electronic circuitry.

Luke Hawley posted Feb 8 '20, 16:42:

I got it to work. The main thing is to replace start.elf and fixup.dat with the most recent Raspbian version. And of course, to understand all the other stuff like the config file--a lot of my trouble was simply not understanding Linux-based systems and basical programming.


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