SamplerBox Software does not start on Raspberry 3 B+

Georg Vietor posted Jan 6 '20, 20:42:

I just tried to start the SamplerBox Image software on a Raspberry 3 B+. I have tried to make the changes recommended in the FAQ, but without success.

All works well on my Raspberry 2 B+.

What is it that I am missing?



Georg Vietor posted Jan 11 '20, 09:37:

Sorry for bothering anybody. I finally got through all the posts and information and found the perfect image for my RB 3B+. What a great work this is. In particular I like the GUI for my iPad.

Now I will try to add a few samples from my library, that I am happy to share.

Again, thanks to all who have built this great tool.


Luke Hawley posted Jan 13 '20, 16:25:

Where did you find the image? I'm having the same issue.


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