Samplerbox for sale!

Peter posted Jan 13 '20, 13:37:

Hello! I'm selling a fully working Samplerbox including 16x2 LCD Display and Buttons, plus an external USB Audio-Inteface... If anybody interested please contact me... I can send photos and more infos via e-mail to you...

Skalman posted Jan 17 '20, 18:10:
Michael Kainberger posted Jan 19 '20, 21:27:

I'm interested!
How much?
please send infos to: [email protected]

HansEhv posted Jan 20 '20, 00:17:

So you guys are making money without contributing anything to the SB projects themselves.
Perfectly allowed according to licence, but still....
Trigger for this thought is post "Interested in economic cooperation?" earlier in this forum.

Bryan Agar posted Jan 21 '20, 19:31:

Willing to purchase - [email protected]


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