Samplerbox Login/Password?

Pete Tinsley posted Jan 23 '20, 16:38:

Hi, struggling to get USB to work :/
MIDI and Saw sounds work with no USB inserted.
No sound when USB inserted.
Am using the samples downloaded from Samplerbox site and renamed to "0 Grand Piano" in the root folder.
USB is formatted as FAT32.
Have tried Several USB sticks.
Trying to use "lsblk" to see if the USB is recognised as SDA1 but it's asking for
"Samplerbox login:_"
Not sure what the username or passwords is.
Any help on how to get USB to work please?

HansEhv posted Jan 23 '20, 23:48:

Username/password is root/root

Pete Tinsley posted Jan 24 '20, 08:49:

Perfect, thank you!


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