Erich posted Jan 26 '20, 17:55:

Hi all, if someone would like to see some pictures of a Samplerbox and would like to get some hints how to build it, here is my story

Ays posted Apr 16 '20, 12:11:

awesome read.

FYI Raspberry pi has 5Volts on the GPIO maybe use that one instead of the 3V?

I did few implementations of SamplerBox the one stable one is a PiZero with I2C 16x2 as posted here on the forum. Works perfectly.

I would say probably is good to add a tennsy for FXsas I can't see myself to dive into menus for FX but I didn't try the version of Hans to be fair.

I would love to add a simple recording funcion to pi and would be awesome to access the PI via gadget ethernet


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